Saturday, November 21, 2015

How to be motivated?

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It is not easy to feel motivated all the time. Without motivation it is hard to concentrate on the things we need to do. I have 3 tips for those that need more motivation:

1) Take good care of your body, with enough sleep, eating healthy food, drinking more water, and do some light exercise, like walking. Meditation can also me considered a form of body care (and mind care).

2) Avoid working alone all the time, work with people. That is easier if you work in a team. But if you are self employed, and have to work alone as a freelancer, try to stablish new partnerships, chat with your clients and suppliers, create projects and new products with other people involved. An associate partner or even an assistant can help you grow a lot, and find new rhythm. Socialization at work is very important. Nobody will succeed alone. Be a leader, get inspired by inspiring other people.

3) If you have a lot of work ahead of you, take baby steps, and go for quick goals. Like, working junks of 45 minutes, and resting 15 minutes. Try to accomplish one small part of the job. Then go for the next part. Get organized. Remember: any method is better than no method at all.

Cheers, Ricardo :) #mypostsinenglish

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