Monday, November 23, 2015

Motivation needs priorities too, go for what is best for you.

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Tsu is an incredible platform, I see this as a great opportunity and it can become more relevant for content and monetization than Youtube. Having said that it is notorious that the platform is more adictive than the others. Aren´t we having fun and going crazy here? :) 

What is my tip? Don´t get carried away in Tsu. Use it in a healthy manner. It will take time to reach a significant number of followers. You can make a lot more money focusing on your job and partners outside of Tsu. To earn good money here you need to be a celebrity. You can become one, over time. But celebrities also make a lot more money outside of the platform. For the moment, Tsu is a good complement for products communication strategies. And to be honest I am trying to figure out a personal strategy here.

I did an experiment: for three days I posted around 25 original posts. I broke all my earning records: made 10 cents in one day. (Sounds funny, I wouldn´t post that in Facebook... it would embarass myself). Actually that earning is not bad, as it is A LOT more than I get in Youtube and Blogger monetization. Well, anyway, I decided I will not post 25 times a day anymore. Those three days cost me a lot of attention from my personal projects that provide a lot more income and real life impact. We won´t get rich easily in Tsu. Great content is more than nice photos. Profitable Youtube channels have 300 original videos, realeased one by one, weekly. That is heavy content and a lot of hard work too!! Now let´s drink some water and get our stuff done, my friend :) Cheers!!!  

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